Here are some of the projects I've worked in the past

Shopify App Client Project
Shopify App Client

Created an internal review widget to reduce occurrences of less-than-5-star reviews, to maintain and/or increase installations that resulted to converted paid subscriptions. Continued feature development and bug fixes.

Used Ruby on Rails, jQuery, Shopify API, shopify_app

Pepper Money

Implementation o their home loan calculator in an iOS app so that agents can use it on the go during their client pitches.

Used Ruby (Rhomobile), jQuery, jQplot

Loan Repayments Calculator by Pepper Money
Ruby on Rails Mentorship Session Screenshot
Ruby on Rails Mentorship

Personalized a program for a bootcamp student in Australia to accelerate his learning so that he can stand out from the rest of the students.

Created a web development project based on his interests that still covered the basics of Ruby on Rails and some real-life development practices: project management, pair programming, code review, designing lo-fi mockups, and implementing features from it.


Implemented a custom e-commerce platform from the ground up for the decorated apparel industry.

The platform creates seasonal storefronts for collegiate apparel.

Core structure built on top of Spree v3. Implemented ETL background processes to update hundreds of product SKUs from multiple apparel providers. Integrated TaxJar to calculate taxes properly. Integrate Stripe to Vue.js and Spree.

Ruby on Rails, Spree v3, ETL, Vue.js, Stripe

GetChaos Web App Screenshot

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